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Sawasdee Ka! Hello everyone

Welcome to my Crispy Fried Chicken page

We are base in the North East of Thailand, in the Nongbualamphu province, 45 minutes to the International Udonthani airport. 

Our restaurant which is recently been open is located right in the heart of the City of Nongbualamphu province surrounded by the Hydroponic Melon Farm using own biological control and free pesticides, and the Hydroponic salad house. We also have our own laboratory, produce the world known Cordyceps Militaris Gold.

In my training course, we will share the tips and special technique of making the most crispy fried chicken you have ever encountered even better than the most commercial fried Chicken as you have ever seen, that consisted of crispy outside and soft on the inside without using eggs and bread crumbs, and yet able to constantly keep it crispy up for several hours without soggy!

As years of experimenting, I have come up with ideas to make it as simpler as possible for customer using simple equipment available in kitchen.

You don't need to buy expensive equipment or any special electric pan, just know the technique and you will have fresh fried chicken, clean, crispy outside and soft on the inside to eat for the rest of your life, and even better this can generated a vase amount of revenue.

**For training course, you can contact me via this channel

Facebook fan page: crispychickentips

Line application ID: naphat789  , ID : 42andcordycepsbrass

WhatsApp application: +66 90 242 9265

E-mail: crispychickentrick@gmail.com

My friend with my fried chicken recipe. My friends Learn fried chicken recipe from we. Her shop is not big but very good sales and very well every day.

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