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HelIo, my name is Naphat.

I live in Thailand. I'm not a chef. l'm not food blogger. I don't have a restaurant, but I have a fried chicken tips. I will share the tips and tricks of chicken fried to crispy outside and soft on the inside without eggs and bread crumbs in this menu and fried chicken crisp for several hours. It is beautiful and delicious.

This menu it easy to do because I am using simple equipment available in kitchen, it's easy for me and you as well. You don't need to buy expensive equipment or electric pan. Just you know this trick, you can do like me. You will eat fresh fried chicken, clean, crispy outside and soft inside. And you can do it whenever you want.

  • If you like to eat fried chicken
  • If you like to cook at home
  • Or you want to do business.

If you are interested in buying fried chicken recipes, please send me a message.

Line ID : naphat789  

WhatsApp : +66 90 242 9265

e-mail : crispychickentrick@gmail.com


Do you want to learn recipe of fried chicken in online? 

Yes, of courseWe have taught in online.

Learn online in secret group only you

We will tell you everything, Tips & Tricks

Use the simple equipment available in your home.

See and follow me 

1 day, you can do it beautifully like me of course.

Do you want to learn recipe of fried chicken with me one by one? 

Yes, of course. I am willing to teach you.

  • For Thai people  (with accommodation)
  • For foreigners   (welcome to Thailand with accommodation and English speaking interpreter)

How much does it cost?

For more information, please send me direct messages.


Thank you for your interest in fried chicken recipes.


My friend with my fried chicken recipe. My friends Learn fried chicken recipe from me. Her shop is not big but very good sales and very well every day.

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